Company History

Hooptie Ride Driving Service was founded in Spring of 2001 by Virginia Tech alumnus David Robinson. Designed to provide students and other members of the local community with safe, reliable, smoke-free transportation, Hooptie Ride offers a convenient alternative to drinking and driving. Before founding Hooptie Ride, Robinson used as his daily driver a 1972 Buick Electra, which he customized and nick-named the "Purle People Eater." For months, Robinson provided free ride service in the "Purple People Eater" on weekend nights, accepting donations only. On March 1, 2001, Robinson received operating authority and Hooptie Ride began operations as a limited liability corporation. Today, Hooptie Ride is your full-service transportation company, including expert service to regional airports. Hooptie Ride patrons enjoy riding in the luxurious stylings of customized automobiles, with service licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia and backed by extensive liability coverage. In short, Hooptie Ride provides "Safety in Style," adding a unique touch of flair to the local party scene. The next time you go out, don't just get there...get there in style!

Since September 2008 The Blacksburg Hooptie Ride changed hands to its new owner Ken Jones. Ken is a long-time resident andVirginia Tech Alumni. His goal is to carry on the classic Hooptie Ride image of safe, reliable and stylish transportation while upholding respect for the velvet.

CAll (540) 449-DRIV to experience Hooptie Ride!

Retired: The Purple People Eater

The original Hooptie Ride vehicle, the car that started it all...a 1972 Buick Electra 225! This vintage automobile derives its name from the metallic purple paint job, and the purple crushed velvet upholstery on the interior. Bench seating on this wide-body sedan allows ample room for piling in the passengers! With a four-barrel carburetor feeding the throttle ofits monster 455-cubic-inch V-8 engine, this old "deuce and a quarter" provides plenty of power for getting the whole party there in style!Extra-wide whitewalls round out the classic 70's retro appeal of the original Hooptie Ride.The Purple People Eater is now retired from the active fleet,and is used foroccasional parade appearances only, but the stories of this particular classichave becomelegendary. Long live the original, the car that inspired the Hooptie Ride revolution!

Retired: The Mystery Mobile

Hooptie Ride's first van project is reminiscent of childhood days gone by! Its youthful and energetic lime green exterior is highlighted by orange flowers, serving as a timeless visual reflection of the peace & love erafrom the late 1960's and early 70's. Waves of deep green velvet upholstery line the interior of this stylish ride, while dark limo-tinted windows add to the mystery for outside onlookers...Hey, what's really going on in there? Its a bit of a mystery, and only devout Hooptie Riders know for sure!Known riders of this van include musicians such as Bob Marley's infamous band The Wailers, and New Orleans' own Neville Brothers.